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I want to upgrade ROG Strix G18 (2023) RAM to 5600mhz in BIOS

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I want Asus officials to support this issue. I want to upgrade ROG Strix G18 (2023) RAM to 5600 mhz. Please do a bios update for it. Other brands allow up to 6000 MHz.

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Recently got mine too and upgraded memory only to 32 hoping they are going to update the BIOS to 5600.

Let's see what Asus will do?

Community Admin
Community Admin

Unfortunately, it's not as simple as updating the BIOS to support new memory modules. Any additional modules would require validation, where thermals could become a factor which in turn affects the performance profiles in software. The hardware, thermals, battery life, and software in gaming notebooks are already optimized.

QVLs are updated for desktop motherboards since the circumstances are different, the level of cooling and performance can be customized without as many limitations or restrictions. 

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Is there at least a list of supported memory modules ?  I have also purchased 5600 hoping it will be supported in future BIOS update.

Also, the Strix G16/18 models are declared as supporting up to 32GB, that's not a real limit, and 2x32GB modules would work, right ?

Community Admin
Community Admin

The answer here is slightly complicated, so the best safest route is to provide advice which does not involve risks. However, for those of you determined to push your laptops, here is some info which may help. Might be best to ask if any stores would help you install the modules in order to make sure they work as expected before you purchase them. 

What I can say is that 32GB modules were tested, however, only modules up to 5200 were verified. None of the modules in the G18 (2023) are onboard (non-removable), bumping up the frequency is possible. 

For ROG Strix G18 (2023) with the i9-13980HX processor:

Hynix and Samsung 5600 (16GB & 8GB) modules from selected brands were verified, so theoretically you should be able to upgrade without a BIOS update at all. It's not common practice to validate as many brands as possible for notebook memory then provide QVLs (like motherboards). 

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This is great info Master, ty for sharing.  The bigger reason why most think an update is required is that those that have replaced the factory memory already with higher frequency ram can get the unit to post, but it downclocks back to 4800.  Are you saying with the ram you suggested it will post and run at rated speed?  There are several people that have tried with both the scar 16 and 18 models and not able to run at a higher frequency, despite it booting.

Can you share info on G16 (2023) max frequency tested RAM and (maybe) verified? Or is it just the same as for G18?

I'm using Kingston Fury Kit KF556S40 64GB since BIOS Version 302 ( delivery status ) without any issues, while it only runs at 4800 MT/s on the i9-13980HX SCAR 18 with RTX 4080.

Hopefully ASUS will support 5600 MT/s in future updates cause Intel themselve talking on their website that the models i9-13980HX, i9-13950HX, i9-13900HX and i7-13850HX CPU's do support DDR5-5600 !

On lower CPU's like i7-13700HX & i7-13650HX Intel is talking about max supporting 4800MT/s, but in my opinion these have to be other Modelnames in the Lineup of these genius ROG Laptops here.

So hopefully ASUS will give us the power of the ROG in their laptops like they do on their desktop stuff in the future.

Kingston 5600.jpg  

The RAM can do. The CPU supports it. The only limitation in my opinion is the BIOS lock to 4800 MT/s.

So please ASUS, let us join the Republic of Gamers ( which the Laptops are called ).

I think, anyone who is buying stuff like this here will get the most possible performance out of it, otherwise they can chose out of a big productline of your other models.

Come on Asus, I want to buy a Scar 16 or 18, please make this happen.  Even the thinner Blade 16 supports faster ram.