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I want to upgrade ROG Strix G18 (2023) RAM to 5600mhz in BIOS

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I want Asus officials to support this issue. I want to upgrade ROG Strix G18 (2023) RAM to 5600 mhz. Please do a bios update for it. Other brands allow up to 6000 MHz.

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I have 2 x 32 gb of kingston 5600 mhz

Workibg 5200, but I installed on my friends Msi g77 2023 and my ram working there 5600.

But on Asus only 5200.

From the begining my ram worked only 4800, but after 10 new bios updates it start work 5200.


Now each new bios I ve checked again memory learning, but no.


Like often discussed in this thread here...
The official Intel documentation HERE ( page 110 and following ) is talking about 5600 MT/s for single ranked and 5200MT/s for double ranked modules for the 13th and 14th Gen CPUs while using 2 slot design. As we've no XMP support on this modell here, we won't get more as the official supported speeds. While the modules are programmed as 5600 modules they will be recognized as 5600 XMP modules in some brands while they're supporting higher frequencies and XMP profiles. Sadly this option isn't given to us on our SCAR.
You're absolutly right when you're talking about earlier BIOS versions previous 312 where we can only run our modules in 4800MT/s but within the 312 update the magic happend and we first time get support for 5600MT/s RAM modules.

So it's absolutly correct that your 5600 branded RAM with 2x 32GB double ranked modules are only recognized and running at 5200MT/s while this is the official Intel spec without any XMP support. This could only be fixed by the decission of ASUS if they will implement XMP support in future BIOS versions or not. As the ASUS support was talking for not supporting OC in the past we don' know the reason for that. One reason could be a fixed voltage line with 1.1V for the RAM while XMP is supporting up to 1.35V to reach higher frequencies. This little voltage increase to the RAM could result in higher heat generation and could be the possible second reason why ASUS isn't given us the XMP magic, to prevent damage from overheating. So there are so many things we don't know yet, that we have to deal with the situation given to us at the moment. Maybe some future updates will fix this, but to be honest I don't believe in that anymore after 12 month on the market and newer models upcoming.

Please check lenovo, razer, msi laptops 2 slots 64 gb working 5600 mhz... they made it. some of them also after bios updates only.

Yes, I also thinking, that after 1 year on market, we will no sea any changes regarding this(

Hi @DreamBim,
I still agree with you 👍 but like I said, there's one single thing missing.
Screenshot 2024-01-29 145540.png

For example I try to explain on my own system here with the 64GB Kingston Fury 5600 kit. As we can see here I'm using a SCAR 18 with a RTX 4080 ( G834JZ ) and my kit is trained slightly faster with these timings at 5200MT/s which is 2600MHz then the programmed JEDEC standard ( seen in the bottom and all marked in red ) with the latest BIOS version 321 ( blue ). The RAM kit we're talking about here is the Kingston Fury 556S40 which is the 64GB 5600 PnP kit. It's also correctly programmed to 5600MT/s JEDEC ( marked with green ). These are the basic informations we can get from HWInfo so far.

Detailed informationsDetailed informations
If we take a closer look to the slightly more detailed informations we can find further informations about the timings, but let's still have a look at the top blue line where it says, that the single 32GB module has build upon A-Die Chips ( from SK Hynix we can see later ) and is build up in 2 rows ( 2R, which means that these are double ranked modules ). A necessary information to read the Intel documentation correctly ( I posted earlier ) where it says "double ranked modules are only supported to run at 5200MT/s". This is by the way fact for all 32GB and 48GB modules as they can't be build up in 1R, single row or in some other ways called single ranked design. Meanwhile the 1R design is supported to run at 5600MT/s by Intel, the 2R design is only supported to run at 5200MT/s ( we're only talking here about our i9-13980 HX-Model ).


Now when it comes up to CPU-Z we still can see a few other informations about my RAM modules. They're of course the same Kingston modules of the KF556S40 series with 32GB module size ( 64GB kit ) which build upon SK Hynix chips ( and as we had seen on HWInfo these chips are A-Die ) and a few more JEDEC standard programmings for 5600MT/s up to a realy high latency level. But the most importand part in this infoscreen here is the missing XMP 3.0 signature in the red marked field. So if you're talking about 64GB kits running at 5600MT/s on other brands, please take a closer look to this tiny, little field and you'll see that this is marked with XMP 3.0.
That's the reason why most of the people here are awaiting a functional XMP support ( no matter if it's still hidden in BIOS for users to change the settings manually or not ). If such a support will be activated by ASUS, I guess we also can run our double ranked modules at 5600MT/s as they're programmed from manufacturer site for excactly that reason 😉
Fun fact, Kingston had programmed and developed this special kit to run at 5600MT/s at 1.1V ( as we can see here ) so there's theoretical no voltage increase need to fullfill the XMP standard possibility which should can handle up to 1.35V. 🤔 

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Thank you very much everybody for such nice supports these were very explanatory (Aspecially for the chief engineer and yokehoo)

I may recheck with the 5600 rams later in the future to see if they work well or... 


Iam getting 5200 with mines....

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@DreamBim yeah I totally agree with you 💯, but as you can see almost no one complaints about this and other issues


They also support ram at 6000mhz (overclock) 

I have this laptop almost 1 year.

Was 1 issue with rgb ligh of FN button, but it was fixed after 2 months by updates.

5200 mhz is said.

But as well I cannot make undervolt via bios.

I mean its possible, but if later I will push power off buton for 30 seconds, I will have continuesly boot loop/memory traning.

Untill I will install back original ram and switch off bios cpu undervolt)

All others are all ok )