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I want to upgrade ROG Strix G18 (2023) RAM to 5600mhz in BIOS

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I want Asus officials to support this issue. I want to upgrade ROG Strix G18 (2023) RAM to 5600 mhz. Please do a bios update for it. Other brands allow up to 6000 MHz.

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oh yeah... good old times! From an era where it was possible to overclock CPU like crazy with a pencil trick 😅

I do agree with your post, but I was talking about asking them just to  show hidden settings, to be able to understand how ASUS did set them by default.

I saw a post where they did that for a user, they did post all accessible settings and their values (can't find it any more, still looking... 🙄)

But again I do agree : I will not and do not want to flash any modded BIOS on my laptop, too much risks, especially for an expensive laptop under waranty.

Now about Intel documentation and 5200 vs 5600, I think we can consider anything above Intel specs is not supported by ASUS on laptops.

I totaly agree with you @Flo 👍

Long story short. When I bought this laptop early 2023 ( BIOS 302 ) I ordered a 64GB 5600 kit at the same time. The dealer ( truly ) told me, that the 5600MT/s isn't supported by ASUS at this time I bought it, and wanted to sell me a kit of 4800 which will work correctly. I disagreed the downgrade and bought the 64GB 5600 kit instead. It worked ( like the dealer told me and expected ) in 4800 mode only. Then I found this thread here. At this moment I still was expecting the CPU will support 5600 like the specs on the Intel website suggested. Then someone posted the original Intel ARK doc with the hint of 5200MT/s max when using double sided RAM. A few discussions and BIOS versions later, ASUS supported us with the BIOS 312 and the RAM beginn to work within the offical specs from this doc 👍

I'm realy happy with that and my decission that I has bought the faster RAM instead the proven once offered from my dealer. 😁

Nevertheless I still can hope that ASUS will bring up the next level for enthusiast ROG users like us with implementing XMP support to get the full power of this awesome laptop... In my meaning that would be a nice over the top feature and will bring up this fast machine to a slightly newer / higher level. Otherwise, MSI did a great job as well by building up this CPU in a 4 slot design but has to correct their informations of maximum RAM speed support after sales. For that, I'm realy happy with the decissions and communication made by ASUS so far, to support official the lower 4800 and after a few updates bringing up the speed boost to this laptops into Intel specs. It still feels good and like an upgrade.

To be honest, it's nowhere written that XMP will work on these modules and what will realy happen when this feature is enabled. In my simple understanding they should run in 5600 mode programmed into the XMP profile of the RAM, but it's also possible that nothing will happen. Therefore it would be helpful if this feature is visible in BIOS. But just sit and wait... I'm happy with this and how it's working now. All other it's just a nice to have wish.

Hey, @Yokehoo

So at this point (July 2023), does ROG Strix G18 (2023) support the 5600Mhz Ram?

Would it work with Kingston Fury Impact 64GB (2x32GB) 5600MT/s DDR5 CL40 Laptop Memory Kit of 2 | Lower Power Comsumption | Intel XMP 3.0 | Plug N Play | KF556S40IBK2-64 ?


@Flo yes, definitely a great discussion.  I'm interested to see what you discover regarding XMP and from the folks at BIOS Mods.  It does sound like XMP is probably auto-enabled and not user-configurable because we don't have access to that screen in BIOS, so running a different profile (if for whatever reason you wanted to) would not currently be possible.  I really appreciate the commentary everyone; I've found in very informative.  Please do keep us posted!

@Yokehoo , thanks for sharing that Intel doc.  I want to take my time and work though it.  Specifically, with regard to what I was talking about, I simply wanted to run (96GB of RAM, which is indeed possible, at 4800MT/s speed (which as you mention and was my understanding, is the max supported speed for the 12th-Gen Alder Lake chips.  However, since the memory controller for DDR5 sticks is on the sticks themselves, if XMP were enabled then it should be possible to increase the speed if XMP is enabled (or not blocked) in the BIOS.  For my personal situation, I had no illusions that I could get my Scar 15 to run faster than 4800.  If Asus made that possible, they surely would have announced that with one of their updates.  My logic in getting the 5600MT/s sticks from Mushkin was that I could re-use these again in another laptop (or, if XMP was later enabled, my current one) and incur only the $20 USD price difference between the 4800 and 5600 kits.  After speaking with Mushkin tech support, they confirmed that there was a DDR5-4800 profile installed in the 5600 sticks, as required by law, and that my laptop should default to that speed since, without XMP, it would be unable to read the 5600 SPD.  I hope that clears things up a little. 🙂

Dear LastingOption,

the information you're looking at is on page 107 for your 12th gen G15 😉

12th gen.png

Red marks the version with 2 RAM slots, blue a possible situation with 4 RAM slots design. Within this there's no difference in 2 slot design which is supporting 4800MT/s on all modules, while a 4 slot design is slighly slower depending on the RAM used. Single sided to 4000MT/s and double sided to 3600MT/s. 

So if your G15 ( 2022 ) has 2 RAM slots and your 5600MT/s RAM is running max at 4800MT/s it's within the Intel specs for the 12th gen Alder Lake CPUs 👍 So when we get support for XMP, I would expect your modules will also run at 5600MT/s in XMP mode, cause the manufacturer of the RAM programmed it that way.

I know it's a bit off topic, but the last desktop I build was a i7-13700K which has also a maximum support for 5600MT/s from CPU side. The build in DDR5-6400 is running at 5600MT/s from stock, and as we activate XMP it will speed up to 6400MT/s like expected 👍 So I think this must be also possible for laptop versions. Meanwhile the desktop versions also sometimes increase the voltage to their RAMs to get their higher speeds and low latencys, our laptop modules are programmed to stock voltage which it should make it a lot easier and a saver way to get laptop users the might of XMP.

But that's only my thoughts. I can't tell you all the stuff behind the XMP... For my understanding this could only be a switch in BIOS that allows the BIOS to read the XMP profile from the RAM sticks.

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Hello, I have Scar 18 ntoebook and a question if there are any 64GB (2x32GB) Sodimm modules that can run 5600MT/s in this laptop????? I am not sure if I understood correctly that I should look for 1R modules? And is 1R equivalent to "Single Rank" (whatever it means)? I also found this memory:
It is 64GB kit of 2x32GB, DDR5 5600 and the last two letters in the model name ("RS") suggest "Rank Single". It is available on newegg and I am in EU so will have to wait for availability. However I am not sure if this memory will run 5600?

Dear MarianB1,

as I remeber correctly G.Skill is using the SK Hynix chips which are also used for the Kingston modules. As the technology goes forward, it could be possible that there will be some 32GB single sided modules in the future. Till now, I only knew double sided modules in this capacity. To keep it simple this means, that on the modules themselve are soldered memory chips on both sides ( 2R - double ranked ). I can't find out some more details for this special modules so quick. 

My personal suggestion is, that the newer chips with more layers and the latest technology will first be offered in the graphic section or within the next gen of RAM ( maybe DDR6 ? ).

What does this mean to you and your question ? I only knew 8GB and 16GB single sided modules which can run up to 5600MT/s. When it comes to 32GB modules they're double sided which means a 64GB kit ( 2x32GB ) will run at 5200MT/s. That's the official Intel spec for this CPU. 

If you're ( like me ) in the EU, you can search for the exact kit number ( in your case F5-5600S4040A32GX2-RS ) to find dealers within the EU or in your country. A quick search to that number results in an awaiting time of 6 days for italian or spanish shoppers on Alternate. I think you'll also find a dealer in your country. The pricing is nearly the same as the Kingston modules using the same SK Hynix chips ( with CL 40 ). An other option are modules with Samsung chips but it's the same. In 32GB modules they're double sided and therefore will run at 5200MT/s but with slightly lower timings ( CL 46 ). So if you're not sure what chips the manufacturers are using, a good indicator ( so far for now ) are the timings. All SK Hynix chips where using CL 40 and Samsung chips have a CL 46 timing in their description. That's a little hint but must not be 100% accurate and is only for the 32GB modules we're talking here about.

So if you decide to upgrade your laptop RAM to 64GB ( 2x32GB ) it will only run at 5200MT/s at this moment but I would personally prefer the lower timings of the SK Hynix chips. Why ? Throughput speed isn't all in memory. The lower the timings the faster the RAM in combination of the throughput speed 😉

Hopefully this would answer your question

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you know, I updated the bios 312, I have two kingston fury 2x32gb ram memory, a total of 64 gb of ram, after the update I got up to 5200 mhz. Happy about it. the detail is that when I connect the two additional monitors with which I work, this, after rebooting stops giving image the notebook screen. It delivers image for the connected screens but not the notebook. I have to remove and replace the ram again to get the notebook image back. I clarify that it is the G834JY of 18".

It's strange, now I have to disconnect everything from the notebook, turn it off, turn it back on and once it enters windows, just connect the external screens.

Anyone with a similar problem?

I have not touched voltages, nor changes in the bios. Neither driver problem, because when I turn it on, with the screens connected, it doesn't show me the asus logo with the startup sound. Strange...

Level 8

new bios update 313 for asus rog strix scar g18! excellent stability for kingston fury impact and processor. No changes for 2x32gb, 64gb ram still running at 5200mhz.

apparently the problem with the image and external monitors was solved (problem I mentioned above).


update from MyAsus.