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I have a huge problem with my Bluetooth driver GL502VM

Level 7
Hello guys , i'm new here so sorry if i do something wrong, i bought this GL502VM 2 weeks ago , all was perfect until yesterday when my Bluetooth driver simply not working . In Settings at Applications appears me that is installed. The icon on the bottom of the screen doesn't appear.I talked with ASUS company of my country , and they guided me to do a few steps but again its not working. Then they told me to do a Factory Reset , I did it and nothing changed . I downloaded the latest version of Bluetooth for my Asus model . I tried all the possiblities but nothing it's working . Finally , i called at Microsoft to ask about the last update of windows and if have issues with this driver but they told me that is not their bussines and sent me here. The driver is not in the Device Manager either. The final option of what Asus assistance told me is to send the Notebook in service. I can't send him in service fot this minor problem. Can you guys help me to find a solution ?

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Have you checked your Bluetooth settings in Windows to see it it's enabled or not, or tried toggling it on and off? Just search 'bluetooth' in Windows search and you should hopefully see an option for Bluetooth settings.

Not sure if this can help, but just an idea. Good luck!