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I have a doubt about using adaptor

Level 8

So i bought a strix g15 you all know a power hungry machine, coming to the point this laptop has a Massive ~240 W adaptor and in indian homes there are two sockets like normal one amd one 16 amp. So i am having a doubt that can we use normal plug with just a converter (to fit the charging pin in socket) or should i use 16 amp only.



I know using 16 amp is always preferable but is it okay to use that normal one sometimes? Like are there any chances of damage ?


Level 8

What do you mean with 'normal' because here in my country 16 Amp is the (minimum) normal amperage. Anyway, you can use lower wattage charging by using 1 of the UCB-C ports (read manual) with a different (e.g. Phone) charger. My 280 Watt charger indicates: 100V - 240V ~ 50-60 Hz 3.2 Amp > Output 20 V, 14 Amp, 280 Watt. So I think it is safe to use a lower spec wall plug output but it will probably slowly drain the battery during heavy gaming.