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I have a Asus Strix G512 thats not doing the 4 zone lighting on the keyboard

Level 7

I bought this laptop recently brand new and in the photos online it showed it can do a 4 zone multi coloured rgb colour. but when I attempt to put on the rainbow preset it only does the color cycle only. Same in the armoury crate there is no rainbow option just the color cycle. I have tried different apps and i manage to get multi coloured for the strip lights on the edges but just no luck for the keyboard. Was it something to do with the updates?, do i need to downgrade a update to the keyboard?

Do you have the specific model number of your laptop?

It seems there are a few different keyboard RGB configurations depending on the exact model you have

Its a Asus Strix G512LI

Any chance you have a longer model number? Such as (G512L-IAL008T) Or if you can't find that, what are the specs for your laptop?

Depending on the configuration of your G512, it could have either 1 zone or 4 zone RGB lighting.

Oh haha I know which one I have now. I didn't know they made different ones with 4 zone lighting and a gpu upgrade. Atleast now I don't have to be frustrated on why it wouldn't work