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i dont seem to be able to manually control GL752VW fan speed in any way?

Level 7
have rog GL752VW laptop with 16g ram 4gvram core-i7 6700HQ win10 home i have used msi after burner another software for controlling fan speed no use

and couldnt run gpu tweak i was getting bios load fail i even tried changing the speed from bios but found no option for that the reason i want to increase fan speed

is because the gpu throttles after few minutes of gaming bf3, ultimate settings drops from 50-55(once it hit 60-65 i guess those little changes are due to internet speed)
to like 29-35 this is really a huge drop after a short amount of playing and i read on a thread that asus set a low temp threshold in bios and i have to get another version of bios to increase the threshold but for now i just want
to increase fan speed but i think they have removed this option too. any ideas could it be something else that limits the gpu performance after a short amount of time or a way to manually increase gpu fan speed appreciated


Nate152 wrote:
Hi Mustafa.w

You could try speedfan, I'm not 100% sure if it will work though.


It doesn't, the fan speed can't be manually controlled in this laptop.

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