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How to re install rog key on asus strix rog gl503ge

Level 7
at the beginning of buying rog gl503ge in the ROG gaming center menu there was a rog key button, but I don't know what I did update the driver so that now my rog key is gone from the gaming center. I have tried :
1. install hotfix and ATK but still not appear
2. I have tried to check the device manager in Windows and everything is installed correctly
3. I have checked the Asus Installation Wizard (the default laptop driver software) and everything has been installed

* above is my default gaming center image, you can see the Rog key in the menu

*above is my gaming center menu now, which is missing the rog key feature

*Apart from losing the functions of the rog key on the keyboard, features such as volume up / down and record are also missing

does anyone know how to restore my rog key/special button feature?

Level 7
I have an ASUS ROG Zephyrus M GM501GS laptop, and I also lost my ROG Key within ROG Gaming Center.
This means that my ROG Gaming Center keyboard button doesn't open the ROG Gaming Center. It does nothing.

I have established that if you ever have to reinstall ROG Gaming Center, the functionality is lost. I simply uninstalled it, then a couple of days later, reinstalled it, and the functionality was gone.

Whatever ASUS do prior to laptops being shipped to make it functional is what I'm trying to establish.

I have looked at permissions and installation locations, but found nothing. Could it be a registry entry missing?
I have tried older and newer versions of ROG Gaming Center, including the version listed on my laptop's download list.

This problem is widespread, but I have yet to see a solution.

Level 7
That must be happening a lot and it is shameful for such expensive series of hardware that claims perfection.