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How do I know if my Nebula HDR screen is even Mini-LED?

Level 8

Like many other users, my Strix G16 2023 doesn't support HDR, even though the box specifically says "Nebula HDR", however it gets worse.

Even if I accept to limit myself to SDR, I'm not even sure if the monitor is Mini-LED at all (the literal reason I bought the laptop),

Apparently there's supposed to be a setting inside of Armoury Crate where you can switch between multi-zone and single-zone Mini-LED, but mine has no such option.

I've read that the UK version of this laptop is nerfed to use old monitor tech, but I can't find any information on whether that applies to here in New Zealand.


Can you find and post your model number? You can see it in Bios, myasus app and a whole lot of places.

ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 16 G634JZ-N4040W

So yeah I know from their official website that it's the old IPS monitor

This morning I did check my Strix G16 box and I found the original sticker that was still there: I can confirm the sticker have same "Nebula HDR" QR code as shown by Niber in a screenshot! So yes this is clearly abnormal.

In my case I didn't get confused because I bought my laptop online and specs were clearly stating it was a non-miniLED display (G614JI)


Ok, so here is my sticker with the original box:

In green, specs are clear: this is a ROG Nebula display with max 500 Nits, so not a miniLED one.

In red the confusing QR code "Nebula HDR": but if you scan that QR code, it will open this URL which is an official ASUS webpage describing BOTH non-miniLED and miniLED Nebula Displays.

As a conclusion, that infamous QR code should be called "ROG Nebula Displays", not "Nebula HDR".


It's a bit odd that the sticker gives info about a feature that the laptop does not have, so I guess it's an ad 🙂 But yeah the info on the green is more descriptive and I can't say that it's misleading because you can't see the sticker before the purchase. On the other hand if the sales page for the unit says it has nebula hdr or miniled, it's a huge issue and false advertisement. To be clear, as far as I know, only models with nebula hdr and miniled are models starting with G634J .

"To be clear, as far as I know, only models with nebula hdr and miniled are models starting with G634J ." funny because my model does start with that:
ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 16 G634JZ-N4040W
So if even "level 9" fans on the ASUS board doesn't know which model is which, imagine how the average consumer is supposed to know

Sorry about the misunderstanding, English is not my native language. I meant nebula hdr models only start with that code, not that all products with that code are hdr 🙂 

BTW, I'm not an asus fan, just a user here 🙂

I would argue that not only should the QR code title not be there, this should be completely different products with different names. If I watch a review about Samsung S23 ultra, or iphone 10, or LG CX, I don't have to ask the reviewer for his exact model number so that I can compare that to the exact model number on my local sales page. No company does that, other than ASUS.

Small print model numbers should be about things like color, PAL/NTSC, or other small things, not about whether it has the new screen or the one that looks like it's from 2005. 

Level 9

Ignore that QR code, it's generic.
That sticker clearly says 500 nits and ROG NEBULA, it is not a mini-led which reaches 1261 nits according to W11 specifications, it is not VESA certified HDR.
Asus should not put that, as you say, QR code on the sticker attached to the Laptop, since it can confuse the user.

Asus has on its website Scar 16 with HDR mini-led screens and Scar 16 without this panel. I recommend before buying a Rog Strix Scar or not a Scar to go to the Asus Rog website and check the exact model for its real characteristics, beware of third-party web pages that many contain errors.

Level 8

Just found out myself about this on my own Scar 16... this is enraging at least.

Ouch! I'm so glad this part of my life is over and I'm never touching ASUS again. I made a video with everything I know of the subject

The specs of your laptop might be completely different from what you were told as ASUS keeps falling deeper into fraud territory. Basically I was disappointed that my MiniLED laptop screen looks horrible, then eventually found out that it wasn't even MiniLED to begin with. #nebuladisplay ...