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How do I know if my Nebula HDR screen is even Mini-LED?

Level 8

Like many other users, my Strix G16 2023 doesn't support HDR, even though the box specifically says "Nebula HDR", however it gets worse.

Even if I accept to limit myself to SDR, I'm not even sure if the monitor is Mini-LED at all (the literal reason I bought the laptop),

Apparently there's supposed to be a setting inside of Armoury Crate where you can switch between multi-zone and single-zone Mini-LED, but mine has no such option.

I've read that the UK version of this laptop is nerfed to use old monitor tech, but I can't find any information on whether that applies to here in New Zealand.


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Level 9

Only the Scar 16 model has the miniLED display with HDR supoort. Regular Strix 16 doesn't have it. If your unit was advertised as having Nebula HDR, I'd return it.

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Level 8

Here's a picture showing that I have no MiniLED settings:


And here's a picture showing that my nits is limited to 500: 


(however that could just be that it's limited to 500 in SDR mode)

Your second screenshot is telling me you got same monitor as my G16 (G614JI): this is a ROG Nebula display, but not a ROG HDR Nebula display.

So yes it is not a mini-led screen.

If you want to verify this, have a look under Windows device manager, if you see same reference like in this screenshot below then I can confirm you did not get a G16 model with miniled screen:


This is New Zealand official ASUS link for G16 (one model with a non-HDR Nebula display, and one model with a non-Nebula display (old IPS, FHD, 300Nits max):

Level 9

Only the Scar 16 model has the miniLED display with HDR supoort. Regular Strix 16 doesn't have it. If your unit was advertised as having Nebula HDR, I'd return it.

Yeah both the sales page and the sticker on the laptop itself says that it's HDR, so ok I'll return it

In fact users are confused because only the miniLED support all HDR modes (I mean HDR in video , and supporting Windows HDR mode) while the non-HDR Nebula screen does support HDR video but not Windows HDR mode.

So users can see an HDR sticker on their laptop and not realize (because YES it can be confusing) that their laptop will support only HDR for video...

Non-HDR Nebula display HDR settings:



There's such a thing as "users being confused" and then there's such a thing a



s "Asus intentionally making it vague so that they can charge people for a 2023 laptop with monitor tech from 2005 and hoping that a majority of users won't notice".

My computer literally says SCAR printed on it (a previous user was mentioning  that miniLED is just for the SCAR model) and the sticker on the laptop says NEBULA HDR





I tried HDR video which I also couldn't get working, but in either case if it's just a 500 nits monitor with no dimming zones then HDR video would be completely pointless anyway.

Wow... I don't know if you did get a ROG Strix G16 hidded in a SCAR box or if you did get a SCAR G16 with a regular Nebula display ( a model from what I know that doesn't exist), but yes in that case ask for a refund or an immediate replacement. Hope you will be able to solve this quickly, especially considering the price of SCAR models.

Level 9

@Niber What is your units model? and can you link to the sales page?

The sales page has since been updated to remove those claims but you can see a screenshot of it at 3:01