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How do i hook up my laptop to an external monitor

Level 7

I have a zowie monitor, 27in 240 fps monitor.   My gaming laptop is the strix G814ji

When i connect it to the monitor im getting minimal frames.   I'm forced to use the hdmi output as this is all the laptop has besides the usb C which i dont think are connected to the gpu,    Is there such thing as a hdmi 2.2 to display port adapter ?

How can i hook up gaming laptop to a monitor and game being forced to use the usb.   My monitor has HDMI but i dont think its the 2.2 or whatever.  Ive tried a 8k hdmi chord and that didnt do it.  


Level 12

check out the Asus support for your issues. 

I’ll check it out. To be clear I know how to hook up a monitor.  What isn’t clear is how to get the high frame rate I should be getting from the laptop on the external monitor 

Check to see if you have the right cable for the connection or check your bios display setting.

I would look on you tube there are many videos discussing this type of issues.