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Help with Asus Scar 16

Level 7

Ok so I've recently brought the Asus scar 16 4090 with the mini led and I'm getting all sorts of issues

1. A new one for today, for certain games like f1 23 today it won't pump more than abouy 30 watts into my GPU. Normally load a game and it's all good but it won't today.

I've tried all the different GPU settings as well as putting it directly into egpu mode only nothing works.

As a result games are slide shows at 30 watts.

2. Screen brightness is all over the place. In the display advance tab for starters it's showing as 622 nits only, something I've seen other people have problems with. I've tried rolling back GPU drivers, windows updates etc, a complete reset etc everything, nothing works.

In addition, brightness is general is all over the place. So on the desktop screen it's bright, click on the windows button the screen dims in front of me, load up and HDR video it starts bright but then dims after a second or so.

Believe me I've researched heavily and have turned off everything and anything that could be automatically adjusting my brightness.

Sometimes when I turn it on even it's dim, sometimes it's bright. 

It's absolutely all over the place.

3. Sometimes when restarting it will bootup and the keyboard won't be functioning. Eveything else works, mouse etc, but the keyboard will get completely unresponsive. I have to restart the machine again for the keyboard to come back to life

There's been other smaller bugs.

When this laptop is working, I love the power and I love the screen, but my god this thing is so buggy. I thought this was suppose to be less buggy than the razer blade I e come from, not more buggy!