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Level 10
I play 1-2 hours a game, the I shutting down my laptop to clean my display.
After that, the laptop won't start. The POWER Button is RED and the left bulb is white.
I removed the power cord, I removed the battery, the same issue.

I can't power up my laptop 😞

It's look like this:

or here from the start till 00:30:

I remove the battery and i put the power cord, but the same issue.

Removed RAM, M2, HDD, CMOS Battery, internal battery. Nothing happend.

Please help... I have it from 2-3 months, and I don't have warranty because I put 32 GB RAM instad of 16....

After 4 hours I start my laptop with power cord only and without the battery connected.
Starting Windows the after some seconds, I press again the power button to shut down the Windows.
The laptop power off instantly without shut down process and want to power up again. I press the power again and power off. Then the laptop can be power up again.

Sometimes the keyboard is light open and nothing happend, sometimes want to power up with display logo REPUBLIC OF GAMERS....
I don't know....

But, always when I press the power button for long time, the fans overboost till the power buton is pressed. With battery or with the power cord only. This both options are working fine. Only fans...

In rest in can make to boot up....

Last time when the Windows is boot up with the power cord only, after 5-7 seconds after show me the Desktop icons, the laptop power down and again remain open the power button (RED) and first light bulb... WHITE.

This solution not working anymore 😞

Can be the motherboard ? 😞

Level 10
Nobody answer here?

Level 11
So, it only works when you disconnect the battery?

No. Works if I press more than 5 seconds to the POWER button. Works the FANS at maximum speed only (overboost).
No display, No keyboard lights, Nothing. Only fans... 😞
The POWER button remain red. If I press to it more than 5 seconds, the power button close the light, starting the fans at maximum speed, then the power button remain in red again (if I leave it) 😞

I can disable the light of the Power button if I disconnect the battery only. The same issue with the power cord.

This issue happend after fix 3 months... Motherboard symtom?

Send it to service. Arrived yesterday. Waiting answer 😞

My laptop is back from the service.
The motherboard has been changed.

Now it works fine, but the battery show plugged in charging but not increase percentage 😞

WTF ? The battery is dead after 3 months?

I try to charge with the laptop off, but no chance.. I'm waiting 1-2 hours, but nothing.
It show me 15% from 25% first time when I received from the service.

I reset with the power button pressed for 1 minute, but nothing...

What can I do?

Service again ?

Level 11
Unplug it and fully discharge the battery. Then plug it back on and see if it charges normally.

Unplug it and fully discharge the battery. Then plug it back on and see if it charges normally.

Discharged to 0%, the I leave it for 2-3 hours powered off.
Now is charged at 6-7%.
The BatteryInfoView show me 6.9%.

The service has been changed my motherboard, but it's possible to change my AC Adapter?

I have this OEM adapter:

Someone can upload the images with the original AC Adapter for ASUS ROG GL703GM ?
Mine show me this:

Plug Type: 6.0mm / 3.7mm 1 Pin

Someone told me the AC Power is damaged. I don't know... 😞
I want to change the battery, but first I want to try another AC Adapter from someone...

From this Declaration of Conformity, these AC Adapters are compatible with GL703GM: