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Help me choose a laptop

Level 7
Hi everyone, I hope you could help me on choosing a new gaming laptop
I previously owned ASUS ROG G750JX (3D version) and I sold it and now I am looking for my next one.
the problem is in my country (which is Iraq), we don't have many choices and if their is a gaming laptop the pricing will be very high
(i bought the G750JX for 2400$ which is about 800$+ more than what is listed on US retailers sites)
Now i think about importing one from amazon (we have shops in Iraq that import goods from amazon and ebay) so i have to be sure
when choosing a laptop as i cant return it once it arrive (takes from 15-30 days to arrive)

Now I need your assistance, I found my self fond of the new GL702VM for its specs and good price but I want to be sure about it:
-Do all the models (Which i know their are only two: DB71 and DB74) have thunderbolt 3 technology on usb-c port ?
-Do all the models have G-sync technology ? is it worth it ?
-I am looking for thunderbolt 3 to future proof my system as i plan to keep this laptop for at least 3-5 years ,and the G-sync for
buttery smooth game play (as i heard but never tried it) so which one you see as a must have if both not available together ?
-Do the GL502VM have them both ? which model ? the link please for it or the link for the GL702VM if have them both.

thank you in advance and looking forward for your replies, PEACE 🙂

Level 7
Hey there, I have the GL502VS, so I will answer with what i already know, since I was already in your position when i bought this laptop.
G-sync: I have a 60Hz screen, so it wasn't really a big difference for me. Hardly noticed it, maybe that's just me not paying enough attention though. It's about individual experiences.
TB3: I had this debate internally when I decided to get the GL502vs, and decided that GTX 1070 vs TB3, i will go with the GTX 1070.
was it the right thing to do ? well, for me yes.
TB3 upgrades after 3 years or 4 is a really long shot. There are enough rumors around about the bandwidth issues. and from what I have seen in the GTX 10xx series, you cant bet that your current laptop CPU wont throttle down, if you throw a new GPU at it 3 years from now.
So I would advise you to look for a better GPU if you want to be future proof, going only with TB3 thinking it will protect your machine from being outdated is a big bet.
USB-C ports: I haven't used it yet. They say everything will be moving to USB-C soon.
It's available in almost every new laptop now anyway, so who cares.

Hope I helped you.

dont buy it, the "thunderbolt" is not useable with gfx cards as it is type c, 10gbps not 40gbps which is the real thunderbolt interface, right click on the track pad stopped working, super unhappy with this purchase, customer support have zero solutions and told me i CAn not get a refund, do yourself a favor get a msi with a real thunderbolt input and working track pad..... Game over with asus for me, my old laptop was also asus, never again after this.