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Help identifying pinched cable - fan speed issue?

Level 7

Any help identifying this pinched cable would be greatly appreciated.

I have had fan speed issues for a while now. The fans have a mind of their own and run full speed at times and not at others. The fan speed readout shows zero RPM in both the Armory Crate and BIOS. After reinstalling and updating the BIOS, Armory Crate, and everything else I could find, the fans continued ripping like a jet engine. I finally took the bottom cover off to take a look and noticed this pinched cable. I gave it a wiggle and resituated it under the case and after reassembly, the fans showed an RPM readout and they slowed down... for about a minute anyway.

I don't know if this cable is the issue, but it seems like it very well could be. Does anybody know what this part is? I'd like to order a replacement.

The cable has the white connector and runs under the edge of the fan and runs up towards the monitor. It's path is outlined in blue in one of the photos.

Laptop is an ASUS GL704GW.

Thanks in advance.

Click image for larger version.



pndiode wrote:
Pinched cable goes to camera (EYE) on screen assembly.!

Thanks! Â*I’ll give those threads a read to see if there’s anything I haven’t tried.Â*