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HELP! GL502 Battery Light Blinking Green-Red

Level 7
I got Asus GL502 Strix. I already used it for about 3 months and there were no issues until today. So, the problem is my battery light indicator keep blinking alternatively between green and red light. There were no notification at all and when I tried to pull the charger off and put it back, the indicator back to normal. However, after 1-2 hours its, happen again. I don't know what happen to my laptop and any help would be appreciated.

Level 7
Same issue here...

Beside that, the fan looks like it's going to explode... $1500 dolar laptop... Not even 1 year old..


After a year the battery might just be failing, 3 months seems entirely too early though. What kind of battery life do you get out of them, they hold a decent charge? It might be a case of faulty batteries from the manufacturer, if that's the case a replacement battery would be the only solution. However, does the battery itself show any problems other than making the indicator light blink? Does it still charge while the light is flashing, power the laptop without the DC jack while its flashing, etc?

Also, when you say your fans sound like they're going to explode, do you mean they're running really high RPM or it actually sounds physically damaged? If they're just running fast you need to know they do that to obviously to cool your computer so look at why it's hot. If you've had it a year there might be dust buildup in your vents and heatsink, blow them out with compressed air from the air intake on your laptop. If they're clean you might want to repaste your cpu/gpu with quality thermal compound. Super easy, pretty quick and cheap and it'll make it run cooler than it did the day you bought it.