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Heating Issues and Inverse Ghosting on GL503GE-EN270T. Game tested DMC 5

Level 7
So I recently purchased this gaming notebook.Not much of a gamer but a pen-tester so had not intended to buy this laptop for gaming.(Already own a PlayStation 4 PRO) I have upgraded the RAM from 16 GB to 32 GB and till date only run multiple VM instances which never stressed the Nvidia GPU. SO out of curiosity i installed the Devil May Cry 5 game to just test the laptop.The performance was good on the standard settings. But the heating almost reached really high temp.It was completely like getting my fingers burnt on the upper vent on the keyboard.I tried over-boost on the Fans but yes it seemed quite alarming on the heat. Also a bit of inverse ghosting at a few scenes in the game play. So any ideas on tackling the extreme heating?