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Having Problems About GL502VSK

Level 7
Hi i have purchased GL502VSK (7th Gen Core i7) about 2months ago.
ihave some problems about some diffrent issues and i hope for your answers.
1- first of all i need to ask about the integerated intel hd graphics that i think it is disabled. i need to ask something , first i want to know that my laptop doesnt have this feature or it is disabled ? if it is disabled , just tell me that how can i enable it? and its better to have 2 graphics like intel hd graphics and GTX1070 or just 1070 it self ?
2- i have some fps drops in some games like dota 2 , before the fps drop , fps is on 120 , then it goes on 60 and then 30 , can u guide me how can i fix it ?
3- i have a very vital problem about the unplugged mode, when i unplug the charger , fps will extremely decrease , i have changed the power options in windows options and i have set it on best performance and disabled battery saving but it wont change please help me ASAP.
4- i consider more efficiently about my laptop graphic card but it is acting below my expectations., if anyone has this problem just tell me the solution.

sry for my bad english and Long Text.

I hope u answer me.

Level 7
Hey man

1- You shouldn't really bother the integrated graphic chipset, you can still manually select your GTX 1070 as the default physX processor in the Nvidia control panel / Configure surround and PhysX.

2- Did you check your CPU and GPU temps? It probably comes from throttling witch means either your CPU or GPU
or both are overheating. I also bought that laptop and I had to down-volt my CPU and made a custom core clock curve for my GPU. That being said my biggest problem is with the CPU going into the mid 90s without downvolting...
There is also a way to deactivate the turbo mode by configuring the battery settings but I paid for 3.4Ghz not 2.5 ish.

3- I don't play much while unplugged so I can't really share my experience. All I can say again is check your CPU/GPU temps again it might come from there.

It's my first time buying a 15" I usually prefer a 17" when gaming but it is a pain to carry around when you travel a lot. Good thing is now I can transport it easily but because it is so small, cooling sucks and it is pretty damn noisy. Good laptop overall but ASUS need to work their cooling system 😉

If you realize overheating is indeed your issue your can downvolt your CPU by using "INTEL EXTREME TUNING UTILITY". Be aware you can damage your computer if you don't know what you are doing, I only changed the core voltage offset in the "advanced tuning" tab. My sytem stays stable at -150 and the CPU loses about 6 to 10 degrees C. (I don't recommend you to go above -150.)

Hope this helps 🙂 let me know about your temps.