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has anyone had experience with this laptop ASUS ROG Strix G17 G713PI-XS96

Level 7

Hello Everyone,

I was going to buy a laptop from Microcenter and the salesman told me there was allot of returns on this model , he wasn't sure why, it has a 15 day return policy. I like the 16 core processor but i don't want to get it if its going to be problem after problem. So for now I held off on buying it 

I was wondering if anyone here knew about this or has one and if they like it 

Thanks in advance


Level 7

Honestly, I would hold off.  I got mine this week and it was constantly rebooting, shutting down, or freezing.  I found out the issue is the dynamic GPU switching conflict.  The trick is to reassign the main GPU to the Nvidia in the BIOS.  This doesn't completely solve the issue, but the laptop now only reboots maybe once a day, and only when I'm doing something GPU intensive, like playing FFXIV for awhile.  I've read of some people getting the blue screen of death, but luckily hasn't happened to me and hopefully won't (fingers crossed).  Hoping they will solve the issue soon because aside from that, I love the computer, but I upgraded from a 5-year old Rog Strix, so anything was honestly better, even with the manic episodes. 

Thank you! 

This was very helpful! I was starting to think the canned answer was the only one I was going to get 

Oh hell I have the same problems as you, it only gets worst I had to give up myself it was making me crazy I sent mine to a professional to see what if anything to get mine working sgain.

Please follow up if they find and fix the issue without workarounds.

Level 8

Mine does the same thing, the closest thing to a fix is running it in extreme mode to force everything through the discrete GPU. Asus support offers no help when I reach out other than to make sure it's up to date and to do a reset.