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[GUIDE] GL702VM Prevent bios update

Level 7
Are you tired that Microsoft updates your bios to Asus' latest bios which is bugged? This is permanent solution to stop that enforcement. This modification simply replaces the efi version module from official 3.10 bios. Shortly, Windows will see your bios as 3.10.

If you don't know the risks of bios modifying, stay away from this guide. There are other ways to block that bios update.
1-Bios password (it's disturbing for home user. everytime will need password to enter bios or boot menu)
2-wushowhide.diagcab (must be repeated everytime on fresh windows install)

This guide is just for GL702VM. It can be used as a reference for other laptops/mainboards. Do your own researchs and take your own risks!

Lets start. In this guide used windows 10 x64. Risks for other OS's are unknown.
Steps are easy and riskless if you don't experiment out of guide.
- Downgrade your bios to 3.06(If you dont know how to downgrade, leave this guide and use one of soft methods I mention)
- Download the toolpack and extract to desktop.
- Run AFUWINGUI and backup your bios into the same folder.
Close AFUWINGUI for now.
- Run UEFITool follow steps shown in picture;
CTRL+O pick the backup file "afuwin.rom"
1-CTRL+F select GUID section
2-paste the guid: 70E1A818-0BE1-4449-BFD4-9EF68C7F02A8
3-press OK
4-double click the found result
5-click once on highlighted line.
CTRL+R select the file "File_DXE_driver_ReFlash_ReFlash.ffs"
- CTRL+S save the file in same folder with name "bios.bin"
- Run AFUWINGUI open the file "bios.bin"
Click "Flash", wait till verification complete (all blocks become green).
Exit AFUWINGUI and restart your pc.

*After that flash, Windows will show firmware update but will update only the info about firmware not the bios. You won't see that update anymore.
**This guide is made for ppl in same need. I won't follow it nor answer questions. I sold my Asus laptop and won't buy any Asus product anymore.