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GTX 1050ti on my new Asus Rog gl503ge not performing upto its full potential

Level 7
I bought an Asus ROG GL503GE last month and for the time it performed quite well with games reaching up to 120 fps because of the gtx1050ti. But since a week, I have noticed that all my games now run at 30-40 fps. Earlier I thought maybe this was because I updated the Nvidia driver. So just to be sure I clean installed windows, installed all the drivers and then installed the Nvidia drivers that were given on the official page of my laptop model on the Asus site. But no avail, the games are still laggy. So I decided to do a bit of troubleshooting. I installed afterburner to check the temps and clock speeds. Although the temps are quite fine, I noticed that the GPU doesn't clocks up to 1711 MHz that it used to do earlier, now its always stuck on 1354 MHz and at a temp of 50C. The GPU-z and ROG gaming center showed that the performance is limited by power. I don't know what that means or how to solve it. I am at the end of my wits and thinking maybe to RMA the laptop. Any help or guidance will be highly appreciated.
PS- I only play when I am plugged on and the CPU temps are fine at 80C when playing.
Full specs:
Nvidia gtx 1050ti
Windows 10 ver-1903

Level 10
Are you sure the charger and the outlet is working properly? It seems like either the GPU is working on the battery power or your games are relying on the integrated Intel GPU. also check GPU Tweak II and see if there's any temperature limit is activated.

I think the adapter might have some problem, since just today I checked that the laptop is taking too much to charge up. Before this I always used to play at 100% charged so thats why never noticed any change in battery percentage. Maybe the power brick is unable to provide enough power. I will update this tomorrow by doing some further examining. In the meantime, can you suggest any method to check if the gpu works at full speeds at battery power without the charger.