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GL771JW problems. Lag during WoW, high CPU temps, VERY slow boot times...

Level 7

I purchased this laptop back in October of 2015, and I noticed then that it seemed to be a slow starter, but after re-imaging it recently, I realized that this is a SSD, and it should be loading things damn from the boot with no other programs running pretty damn well.

So my initial problem was that in wow, I get significant visual lag on a very routine basis (10-15 secondsish) but I get no drop in FPS. Hers a visual represenation of my woes:

After loading the software for my keyboard and mouse, i realized during a reboot that it simply shouldnt be taking this long to start the pc and load basic software like that. Were talking several minutes to go from a cold start to a place where i can start opening chrome and such.

Is there any known issues with this model and boot times? Is this common or should I be looking further into this.

Thanks in advance for your time!

Level 7
I uh... just realized it isnt an SSD afterall.

I don't know why it took me so long to figure this out...

So now im shopping for a SSD.