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GL771JM Stuck in power loop

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Anyone who can offer advice - I would be grateful.

I did a fresh install of Win10 because it wouldn't upgrade to 1607 through update and security, and MS said do a clean install.

Everything went fine and I loaded all my software last night. This morning when I boot the screen flashes, the hard drive spins briefly and then it very briefly powers off, then starts the same process over (and over and over...).

I would do another install but I can't figure out how to boot to USB. I can't get into BIOS with Del, F2, F12 etc.

If I could just get into Bios to boot from USB I could probably take it from there.

Any ideas?

MUCH appreciated.

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Welcome to the forums!
Sorry that it couldn't be under better circumstances though.

Not sure how much it can help, but if you just want to go through some standard troubleshooting ideas, considering contacting your local ASUS support as well.

If your system power light actually goes out though when you say it very briefly powers off (rather than just the screen going black), it is sounds more like a hardware issue to me which is a little strange that it would coincidentally occur after your clean install though, so we may also want to check if anybody has better ideas too.

It could explain why you are not able to get into the bios, but that could just be the secure boot setting doing that as well.

Try tapping the 'ESC' to see the boot menu or 'F9' (which doesn't always work?) after powering on the unit to see the Windows advanced startup menu as well, but if you are not able to get into the bios or boot to USB, it can be treated like a hardware problem since there isn't anything else to try with software.

If you want to try some hardware troubleshooting, unplug the AC adapter and try to hold the power button from 10 to 30 seconds (if the unit powers on, it should power off eventually) before powering it on again, but don't have much hope this can help, and may not be good for your hard drive or Windows installation if it's really trying to boot.

If you're under warranty, you may want to consider sending it back for repair if nothing else works although if you can remove the hard drive, swap memory, or unplug the battery safely, those are a few more things to try.

Good luck!

Thanks so much for the ideas!
Last night I got frustrated and pulled the hard drive, reformatted while connected to another computer and started over. When I booted with a clean drive it took me to windows install and then I realized I had screwed up the format/partitioning the first time and did not select GPT(?). I'm not sure how it even loaded Windows, and I rebooted at least once to change machine name.
Anyway, I completed reloaded Win10 and it is working fine. Another valuable lesson!

I really appreciate this forum. I have two ROGs in the family and it's great to have a resource like this.