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GL753VE Type-C charging

Level 7
My laptop is ROG Strix GL753VE.
I lost my AC Adapter yesterday.
I worked last night and my laptop has less than 10% battery.
Today, I plug my phone charger (65W 10V-6.5A) to usb-c port, it boots up for 5s and shuts down. Now i can't turn it on.
Do I need worry about this? I don't know it doesn't turn on because it's out of battery or it's damaged.
Many thanks!

UPDATED: It's fine! Thanks for reassuring me!

I do not believe your laptop can be charged by USB. Even if it could, 65w wouldn't be enough to run a gaming laptop, only charge when powered off.
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Yes, if interested, refer to the user manual on the ASUS GL753VE download page to see that the GL753VE USB Type-C port only supports data transfer.