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GL753VE System fan stuck at idle

Level 8
I'm having a strange problem with my laptop (GL753VE) where the system fan will not spin up past idle if the CPU temperature starts climbing. I can run Prime95 and make the laptop very warm (high 80's C) but the fan will not spin up. In the Gaming Center, the fan is set to Auto speed (which it says is about ~2000 rpm). If I drag the slider, nothing changes - until I get to 100%, then the fan spins up to max speed. Any other setting doesn't seem to change the speed. I have BIOS 308, running Windows 10 1903.

Has anyone seen this problem, and know how to fix it?

Edit: I believe it's fixed now. I shut down and did a reset (hold the power button for ~10 seconds), and it seems like the fan is responding now. Yay!