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GL753VE Random complete freeze issue

Level 7
Evening all,
i would like to get help about an issue on my asus rog GL753VE.
Suddenly and randomly while i'm using it, the pc freeze completely: keyboard, mouse and everything stop working, power is still on, the screen does not turn black, just frozen; the only thing i can do in those cases is just shutdown keeping press the power-off button for some seconds.

When i restart the notebook, i did not receive any errors or messages; even in event viewer i receive only the kernel power down error (due to the forced shutdown i think), not some previous errors that could explain the freeze.

I've made all checks that i could think of: checkdisks of both disks, memtest86+, cpu checks etc, updating every drivers from windows and from asus site.
I cannot say much more cause the problem does not occur with specific program or load of the cpu and/or memory: sometimes it happens when i've just started the pc, sometimes it happens when i'm surfing the web, or when i open a Virtual Machine (VirtualBox or VMWare player); so i don't know what to do; that is why i've decided to ask for help (after a lot of threads read and a lot of configuration changes made to my system on power options).

I've installed also 3rd party tool like WhySoSlow and LatencyMon but i did not manage to get some useful info out of them. Hope you can!

Hope you can help me finding the cause of the freeze.
I've exported the msinfo configuration of my PC (Win10) in a text file. Here is the link:

BTW the file is in ITA (my language)

Please let me know if i should make some other check to give you more info.

Thank you very much in advance.
All the best

Level 7
Sorry for repying myself..

Could someone please let me know if it is a known issue or hit just me?

Thank you very much in advance

Did someone experiment the same issue? Please help me. It is very frustrating for me.

Thank you very much for any charitable heart willing to help

Best regards