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GL753VE Poor performance

Level 7
Hi everybody. My name is Stefano from Italy and I am new to this forum. I have a problem. I'm using an Asus GL753VE GC004T, got it a couple of days ago. It's equipped with a GTX 1050TI but I can't play, every games run at 30fps or below. New games, old games like Singularity or Shadow of Chernobyl or Metro Last Light, everything seem to be capped at 30fps. But it's not the only problem, to play with 30fps I have to set the nVidia Control Panel on "Performance" and put everything to "low" in the game, and it seems very strange to me. Driver update doesn't work, because latest drivers from nVidia don't install the nVidia Control Panel and the gpu is not even recognized by the system. I have to use the lastest driver form Asus support website to make the 1050TI works. Can anybody give me some ideas on how to resolve it, please? Thank you.

Level 13
latest drivers should have control panel there.
Dont try to game without it plugged in, you will 100% of the time get crappy game play. Gaming laptops will not game well at all on battery power.

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You can game on battery as long as your power profile settings in Windows isn't set to dial the processor back on battery. Obviously, this would drain battery a lot faster.

As far as performance issues, this model uses Nvidia Optimus. This will switch from the Intel GPU to the Nvidia GPU based on load and/or application. Check the Nvidia Control panel to make sure the application specific settings are correct.

You may want to install Nvidia Experience and try updating the drivers using it.

Also there should be an option in the BIOS to disable Optimus. This will disable the systems ability to use the Intel on-chip GPU altogether.

Hi. Installing nVidia driver results in a problem: the system can't detect the 1050TI. The only way to use the 1050TI is by installing an Asus driver for the card. nVidia Drivers means no nVidia Control Panel and a GeForce Experience not working. I was looking in the bios the settings for Optimus but it seems there's no option to disable it.

I have ordered a GL753VE-DS74 and it should arrive tomorrow. I will take a look at my settings and see what I can find. I am not sure how different this model is from yours.

It appears this model doesn't allow you to disable Optimus Tech via the BIOS. Everything is working correctly on my system. The Nvidia Control Panel give me the option to select "High-performance NVIDIA processor" or "Integrated graphics." I was able to install the latest drivers from and Nvidia Experience is working fine.
I am really not sure why your machine isn't working. You may want to consider reinstalling the OS or doing a Restore. Beyond that It may not be functioning properly and I think Asus tech support may be your best bet.

Sorry, I wish I had more for you.

Is any one still having this issue? From what I've seen its all but handled.

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Hi, I have a GL753VD with the GTX 1050, BIOS v301, Nvidia driver version 378.77 as I wrote earlier, these are the results on AC power, same settings as St3v3Maister's. GTX 1050 ti should be 20-30% faster, but don't expect desktop performance.