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GL753VE Low Battery Performance.

Level 7
I bought an Asus Rog GL-753VE and it has terrible battery performance, like i set it to battery saver and watch some movie after 2 hours of watching the battery go to 28 percent, my display is set to lower, i disabled and keyboard light so brightness on rog acura is to zero, i dont have any other apps running except bsplayer where i watch the movie.

Second test i was writing a document in Office after 2 hours and 10-15min the battery go to 6% same "Battery Saver".

Third test is the gaming, i wanted to try gaming i launch a game Fortnite and it was so LOW FPS like in battery saver it was 10-15 and laggy, after i switch to Max Power it go to 80-100 and variable not stable, and it must be some lower performance to get 100 fps, idk what the performance in gaming is so low i also set the game in nvidia settings to be runned via gtx 1050 ti instead of integral graphic intel.. Also battery dies after 30-40 min of playing, that **** for me.

Also tried another game CS:GO it was same problem as Fortnite verry drop on FPS, but the performance of the laptop is great i mean the specs was so great i7-7700HQ + GTX 1050 TI my friend has I7-7700 on Desktop PC and GTX 1050 ROG he has 100 times better performance with same specs ?

The battery is like it cannot stay longer than 2 hours which is not good.
If you play game you can only 30-50min max.

I have warranty on the laptop but i wanted to ask first before i contact them.

Level 11
2 Hours of battery life seems about right for a 17" gaming laptop. My GL502VS (15 inch, gtx1070) can't do much better than this.
Gaming performance on battery is reduced because the battery pack can't provide enough amps like the power brick can. All gaming laptops are like this, as far as I know.
Also, 30 to 40 minutes of gaming on the battery seems about the average you would get.

Level 7
Anyway if i want to play more ? I need to use it on charger? Because i see i cannot take off the battery and just user the power like some other laptops.

Level 7
Another thing i forgot to add was that i need to set Speed Fan to 50% if i want to play a game.