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GL753VE Keyboard not working

Level 7

I bought the GL753VE model in September 2017. And this month (October) the keyboard stopped working. I tried a lot of things to try to fix it and nothing works. The keyboard doesn’t show in the device manager, doesn’t work in Windows or Bios, no light. The only key that work is the Power key.
I tried the drivers update, bios flash from version 307 to version 306, reinstall all possible drivers on Asus website for that model, even try the previous version of drivers ( after uninstalling the newer one).

I even went and did a factory reset of the OS and reinstall all drivers. Nothing worked, did all the windows update again while checking between update if it was working. Nothing worked.

I came up with the conclusion it was a hardware issue, so I open the laptop to make sure everything was connected right. I even disconnected the keyboard and reconnect it. Still no luck.

I tried all the solution I could find online.

If someone could help me out I would really appreciate it.

My uncle has an ASUS Rog GL753VE and his light of the keyboard was up also after the laptop was shutdown mode. I go and unplug the power supply and from that moment the keyboard can't be use anymore in BIOS and Windows 10. I uninstall the windows but the keyboard don't appear in Device Manager only the USB keyboard(external). If unplug the external keyboard in the Device Manager I don't see any Keyboard section.
I try to use ROGKBFWUpdateTool with this version GL703GE.220.0.bin . I renamed with my laptop model but after react the end of the update give failed.
I don't find the originial firmware yet. Can somebody help me?

Level 10
Hi Michipol,
If you reinstall the BIOS again or enter BIOS to load default setting again, does the keyboard show up?
If the problem persist, please kindly send the device to our service center.
Thank you.

Level 8

Hi Midnight1666
Has your issue been solved??