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GL753VD Laptop displayport performance problem

Level 7
I have problems with my Asus GL753VD laptop and displayport.

I have a screen that has dvi, hdmi and displayport to connect it to my laptop, I connect it with a displayport cable to the mini displayport 1.2 and it has 144hz.

I installed the drivers, the monitor color settings in both Windows and on the monitor are fine, the monitor is working properly.

When I connect with Displayport, my computer is very slow, YouTube videos load very slowly, audio is bad, discord is bad for me, even the connection to Google Meet is bad, all in relation to having audio and video poor with Displayport cable.

I configured it to play csgo and in case I have to limit the game to 60fps when it goes to 160fps, this is the minimum is that if I don't do that and I limit the fps for those who play csgo sv and the parameters of var turns red with very large numbers, causing me to lose frames. Limiting the fps to 60 with a displayport cable works fine without any problems.

If I put the monitor through HDMI, everything works correctly, the audio is perfect, the videos are good, the games everything, the discord.

The graphic load with displayport is not excessive, if I do not play a little and when I play it does not even reach 80% load above 70%.

I don't know what could be happening, it is something strange and it is only when I connect via displayport.

I have searched for information and what I have been able to find is the problem with the Nvidia Optimus technology. There is input lag, a bottleneck with Intel graphics, as the load is shared between the two.

I tried to use the nvidia configuration to use it in all programs, also proved that nvidia graph is only used for one program.
Nor can I disable the Intel graphics card.