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GL753VD Compatible M.2 SSD and RAM Upgrades ?

Level 7

This is my first post. I just got a GL753VD-DS71 and after the warranty is up, I'm hoping to upgrade the memory and storage on my machine.

I'm looking to add a M.2 SSD and 32GB of RAM. I would like to know what is compatible for the model that I have.

Thanks, and have a nice day!

Level 7
Patriot hellfire sure is, I didn't try others.

Hi, I have ADATA Premier Pro SP900 M.2 2280 and it works without issues. The SSD package did not include any screw to install it, and there was not any attached to the mainboard's slot, so you have to buy it separately.

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Community Admin
When in doubt you can check the online manual for your laptop:

From there you can see that the M.2 slot caters for both PCIe (NVMe) and SATA SSDs. However, it's best to see what others have already tested on the same laptop when it comes to memory and SSD upgrades.
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My ASUS ROG GL753VE has one M.2 slot currently populated with a Sandisk SATA SSD. I am trying to upgrade to Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe. Specs say the M.2 slot will support both SATA and PCIe. I can read/write to the new SSD while it is in an external USB enclosure. The [Macrium Reflect Free recommended by SAMSUNG] CLONE says it completed successfully, so I think the new SSD itself is OK. However, this straight-forward clone of the original SATA SSD to new PCIe/NVMe does not find boot device and goes directly to BIOS settings screen. Should the M.2 slot be Plug-N-Play and work 'automatically' for either SATA or PCIE NVMe SSDs or must the system [BIOS?] be reconfigured in some way? Or, does Macrium Reflect Free CLONE or the Macrium Rescue Flash Stick include BIOS setting updates?