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GL753V Help... Please. Keeps Giving Me the Bsod

Level 7
Hello, I'm tired of this piece of crap laptop, I'm from Mexico, it was reaaaaaally expensive here, I took it to the authorized service center once because after one month won't turn on and one speaker was blown, they returned after 15 days, and happened again after one week, I couldn't take it to the service again because i have too much work, I travel a lot, I use an older one, when I came back I took apart the computer and I fix the problem thanks to this forum, and then happened at least once a month for year and a half, and now i have a different problem because it gives me the bsod, I thought it was the hard disk, I changed for another hard disk and nothing, again the bsod, I remove the hard disk and left it without nothing and keeps me giving me the bsod, how is that possible? HELP ME PLEASE :'(

Note: I don't use the laptop for gaming, I tried updating the bios, reset the bios, take it apart completely, and nothing works, only bsod.

Thanks in advance.

Level 7
Nobody? 😞