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GL753 IPS glow or more?

Level 7

I have been noticing that my monitor's lower right corner is somewhat more light filled (compared to the rest of the monitor) during movies with very dark scenes. Nothing that bothers me, but the display is under warranty and no reason to not solve the potential problem.

Max brightness -
25% brightness -

The "issue" (or whatever it should be called) does differ from which angle I take the photo, and of course, the phone makes it way more noticeable.
Hardware - Laptop asus GL753
- Monitor lgd04e8, 17.3in, 60Hz

Level 7

Hubertinnovation wrote:

Well i have some backlight bleed on my gl702vs in the edges but it is only visible in a dark room, in a lit room i don't see it. Some ips glow also at angles but not visible in a lit room.

Not so much though that i am disturbed by it but it is there. My old BenQ ips monitor did not have it and neither did my old Samsung pls monitor but an Asus ips monitor had it and my gl702vs has it to a lesser degree so i guess its an asus thing (not implying asus does bad monitors they just almost all has some bleed/glow).

Level 8
Totally normal what your seeing. In-fact id say yours looks pretty good compared to similar IPS laptops monitors. (the AUO screen on my GL703VS has bigger white spots in both corners).

I doubt that would be something you can get looked at under warranty..

All right, thanks a bunch guys!
I was thinking of getting it looked at since it is under warranty. Maybe I'll do that, but when I am a little less busy with life. I kind of noticed most IPS panels have some glow/bleed but I was worried I had it worse. I'll write when I'll get around the warranty thing. Thanks!