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[GL752VW] brightness too bright after reboot issues for Windows 10 build 10586.218

Level 7
Hi, my notebook have brightness issue where it become too bright after reboot. For an example i set the display brightness to 30% and restart the notebook.
After boot to the Windows 10, my display become too bright even the brightness setting is still 30%.

This happen after I upgraded my Windows 10 to latest version, build 10586.218. So far..

1) i try update intel vga driver from the Asus support page and the problem still exist.
2) I also try latest driver from intel and it does not fix the problem.
3) Disable "fast startup".
4) Disable adaptive brightness.

and problem still exist.

But the problem did not occur if I shutdown the notebook. It only happen when rebooting the notebook

FYI, my current intel driver version is "" and Nvidia driver version is "364.72"

If someone have found the solution please share with me. TQ

Level 7
Finally, I found a solution after long troubleshooting by downgrade my notebook BIOS to 205 (the one with ROG boot logo). After that, there`s no display brightness problem even after rebooting or shutdown the notebook. Now, I`m still testing the notebook if the same problem may occur again but so far so good, no stability issues or system freeze. :D:D