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GL752V Touchpad Driver - PCI Controller for Data Acquisition

Level 7
as ASUS seems to be completely numb, I'm trying to install the touchpad on Win7.

Actually, I miss only the touchpad and "pci controller for data acquisition and signal processing" to install. I'm having difficulties with these two.
I've already tried a lot of options, including Intel Driver Utility, but with no avail. I'm at a deadend.

How can I find out which model of touchpad I have? And how to get its drivers? I've downloaded all kinds of drivers: ELAN, Synaptics, Sentelic... none of them installs because "device is missing", and ASUS drivers report, at the end of the installation" with all the packages I try to install.

I tried also touchpad drivers from this one:

I'm honestly without clue. How can I install the touchpad? And how to resolve the "pci controller for data acquisition and signal processing" yellow exclamation mark?

P.S. I understand that ASUS is pushing Win10 and all that, but from a GAMING Laptop, the least I expect for my money, is the PC being able to install on a OS that doesn't steal my informations and doesn't make me scratch my head with stupid errors.

EDIT: Looks like the PCI\VEN driver is this one:

And ACPI one is this one:

Level 7
Shortly after posting this, I've remembered how to check the HARDWARE ID of unknown devices and found out:

- Unknown Device: ACPI\INT3400

After searching these two on Google I found out the right drivers for both, which are actually the same driver:

Intel(R) Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Manager, which is available for any manufacturer here:

However, after installing it, even though there are NO MORE exclamation marks in Device Manager, Touchpad is not working and is not in the list under "Mouse and other pointing devices". Any reason?

P.S. I'll edit first post with the temporary solution

While waiting for an answer...

The Device is NOT RECOGNIZED by Device Manager. It doesn't even list it under "Mouse and other pointing devices", but there are no exclamation marks on the list.

BIos Version is 214.
Any help is appreciated


Help, anyone?

Gamanek wrote:

Help, anyone?

It just wouldn't work. End of the story. Plus with WIn7, you will see your fan or your CPU running at full speed once in a while.

All the issues resolve themselves, once you install Win10.