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GL704GW Windows 10 Reset Question

Level 7

I'm having some problems with Windows after running the Windows 10 Debloater script ( The Microsoft Store is now unusable. The fix suggested there to restore it with the LTSB Add Microsoft Store script ( doesn't work. The main suggestion seems to be a clean install, but I have read on this forum that is very inadvisable as well as difficult due to removing key Asus software. The other thing to try, albeit it didn't work to restore the Microsoft Store for those also affected similarly, is to do a Windows 10 Reset. If I run this in Windows on the GL704GW would it keep the critical Asus software especially Armoury Crate, MyAsus, and the background services? Or would a reset wipe them also?


Level 13
Back Up And Copy Your esupport Folder As It Has All Original Software That Came With Your Laptop, No Matter What You Decide To Do Reset Or Clean Install Copy That Esupport Folder , It Is Needed ,

Cool thank you for the response. I've already zipped up the eSupport folder and put it into my cloud storage. What do I need to run specifically from it if I decide to do a reset or even clean install?

Level 13
Install Everything From The esupport Folder If You Do A Clean Install, Doing A Clean Install You Are Asking For Issues Later On With Out The Original Software Drives From The Esupport Folder , If You Do A Rest There Should Be "Option Keep My Files" , So No Software Gets Over Written , Only Reinstalls Windows , but Install All The Esupport Files Any Way , As Esupport Files Are The Original Drivers And Software That Came Installed On You Laptop When You Bought It ,