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GL704GW started freezing when the screen turns off for power saving

Level 7

I have an issue that started happening since a couple of weeks ago. I don't know if some update (Windows or maybe Armoury Crate?) caused it but after the machine stays idle for a while it just freezes. The keyboard RGB lights remain on as if it works but the computer is completely unresponsive. I need to hard restart it by holding the power button pressed for a few seconds. From what I've observed it apparently happens when the screen turns off because of Windows power saving settings. It doesn't happen always and it's not consistent in terms of how much it have stayed idle and with turned off screen before it happens. One day I had some software running pretty much all day which kept the screen active and the machine never froze. If I put it to sleep instead of leaving it to turn of the screen it also works just fine after waking up. Another thing I notice is that when it happens it appears to be a lot hotter than usual. During normal usage and idle times it runs at about 48-52 degrees celsius. When it freezes the same spot just above the keyboard becomes a lot warmer. Not hot but there is a big difference. I ran a full cycle of Memtest iteration and didn't have a single error reported. Same with the hard-drive. Has anyone else experienced similar issues or have any idea what the reason for this might be?

Thanks in advance!

Hey martintzonev,

A couple questions for you!

Do you have the latest BIOS version installed for your laptop?
Do you have anything overclocked or undervolted?

I don't have the latest bios, I'm on version 308 exactly because I'm using ThrottleStop to undervolt it. This has been so for almost 2 years and the issues just started happening a couple of weeks ago.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that every now and again when the freeze occurs and I hard reboot the machine the keyboard stops responding - it doesn't light up and generally doesn't work. It has happened 3 times now. First time it started working after a shutdown. Second time I had to plug in an external keyboard and the native one just kicked in on it's on while I was using the other one. The computer was frozen a few minutes ago and the keyboard is dead again, still haven't recovered.

EDIT: 5 minutes after I wrote this the keyboard kicked in.

Could you see if the issue persists if you disable throttlestop for a while?

OK, I'll try and report back in a couple of days.

EDIT: No need to wait that long. Disabling ThrottleStop does not help. The computer froze as usual, got warmer and I'm waiting for the keyboard to start working again.

Happens to me as well. Wtf is this?