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GL704GW not turning on

Level 7

I have a GL704GW.
Today I repaste it with Kryonaut thermal paste + thermal pads 0.5mm.

I played like 30-40 min of COD Warzone. My temps were 89 CPU (i7 8750H) and 82 GPU (RTX 2070).
I noticed when my GPU reached 83-84 its clock throttle to 1100-1200 causing FPS drop.

Before changing the paste + adding pads, I had Arctic Silver paste with no pads on VRM and I used to have 97 degrees on CPU and 87 on GPU and NO THROTTLING!

I decided to open my Asus and remove the pads and apply Kryonaut on the VRM instead of pads. I did it with no problem.

I turn on my laptop and I noticed (and record the first boot using my iPhone) that it took longer to appears the Rog logo.
I noticed that my CPU frequency were 0.79 and stuck at this! tried to reboot again and CPU frequency was the same 0.79 and stuck.
I opened Throttle Stop and the frequency back to normal...
I closed TS and the frequency still normal.

Well, I opened COD and start playing. Right after the round begins (normal temps on the CPU and GPU) my laptop suddenly turn off. No lights on the leds, not powering on, nothing!

I tried removing battery, AC cord, holding power button for 30 sec, for 1 minute, removing both battery and AC cord and holding power button for 1 minute.

Nothing solved my problem!

Does any one already had the same problem?!

Im in shock =(*

Level 10
Hello nandoinside,
Please kindly send your device to service center for further examination.
Thank you.