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GL704GW, Aura Creator stopped recognizing any devices on my laptop

Level 7
Trying to fix some Armoury Crate issues, CPU not reporting, Updates not installing, and several other issues that happen over time with no clear resolution, I have re-installed my Crate&Aura packages several times.

about a month ago, I wanted to create a custom color setting, only to find that Aura Creator does not recognize any of the color zones in my laptop, the 4 keyboard zones, 2 on the bar at the bottom or the ROG eye on the lid...

Asus has been not-helpful, called tech support (via chat) they left me hanging until the session expired, no answer or solution.

Have searched online, and in the forums... but no solution available,

Has any1 ran into this issue?

Level 7
Yes, I have the same issue, sometimes after a clean install of windows, Aura works, but almost every time Crate updates, its broken again... also, no response from asus