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GL704GV GPU disappeared from BIOS

Level 7
On my GL704GV laptop, 3 days ago I was working at my desk when my fans spun up really hard and fast. I got a windows BSOD with an error code of "dxgkrnl_fatal" and the the computer restarted. Checking the bios and using hWinfo64 it seems that my GPU is no longer present and my computer has defaulted to its Integrated Graphics.

I have tried rolling the bios back and forth in an attempt to see if it will re-recognize the card. , with no luck.

Any thoughts? Is the GPU fried? I bought this laptop for the RTX 2060 specifically, and of course it is a month out of warranty.

There is no reason that it should have fried, especially since I work and play on a laptop cooler to help keep the temps down.

I'm at a loss right now.



Level 7
So I've had this happen to me a few times as well where the GPU wouldn't show up in armoury crate or in the laptops bios menu. What I've done is that I restarted the laptop and went to the bios menu every time until I saw the GPU show up in the bios menu then I opened up GeForce experience and updated it to the latest drivers. I also have a GL704GV( yes its a 2060). I recommend you try what I did you could try and contact Asus support or Nvidia support since this is a GPU thing. Anyways GL on this hopefully it gets better

Yeah, I remember it happened once before that it disappeared from the bios, but it came back really quickly.

This has been a few days and it seems to not be coming back. Wondering if pulling the CMOS to reset the bios to the defaults would work, but the battery is on the underside of the board, which means the whole thing has to be pulled.

I may just head straight to ASUS support now to see if they have any other ideas.