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GL704GM eSupport folder request

Level 7
Long story short - I ****ed up.
I have bought my GL704GM laptop like few weeks ago and from the get go I experienced some troubles with it in terms of performance as you can see on this topic -

So, with all that in mind, I decided to re-install windows and install fresh drivers. Initially I encountered many problems like:
- I downloaded Intel Graphic Driver from the Intel website but windows update overwrites it with Asus driver even though it is few versions older.
- I started experiencing freezes in-game. I have no idea why that is happening because I haven't had before.
- I only now found out that there is important folder with all necessary software that is called - eSupport and that I should've backed it up.

Perhaps someone with the same/similar laptop can help and upload that folder somewhere?

Level 9
If you download the iso from the German website just copy and paste the esupport folder. It may contain programs not originally installed for the American market. With your computer being so new you might want to check in a few months and see if there is a newer version. They do occasionally update them.