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GL703VM with some concerns

Level 7
Hi there,

Since last week I am the proud owner of the GL703VM.
All though I love the build it does get me worried and ran into some problems.

Problem number 1,
Drivers...... did a fresh Win10 install and downloaded as much drivers as I could find. ASUS Live Update says I have all the right drivers, downloaded and installed all the ROG drivers for this model, but if I run a Intel driver Utility is says there are 2 newer versions for my Wireless Network card en bleutooth module..... So is there a list with the right driver versions?

Problem number 2,
World of Tanks........ I am able to run Ultra settings, maxed out everything, VSync on, FOV 90 degrees, but after 5 min the whole laptop shuts down. Temps before that happens are 85 degrees without a Laptop cooler. Haven't tested WOT with a cooler. If I look into event viewer under the critical failures it says sudden power shutdown........ wile the power cord is plugged in......

What if done so far :
Nvidia driver checked, up to date!
Power Management : Performance on max settings, some were on Extreme power save modes.
Game : Playing Windowed on High, Vsync on, Fov 90 degrees, checked files, noting broken.

With this setting I can play a lot more but I still think is there something I forget to set? Or does the laptop really shut down because of WOT?

I am also playing Albion online, running Ultra, everything maxed out, Full screen etc.
Temps after 1 Hour : CPU 70 degrees, GPU 66 degrees (with laptop cooler)
Temps after 2,5 hours : CPU 73 degrees, GPU 66 degrees (with laptop cooler)

I am aware the comparing WOT and Albion are completely different games, but still.

I am aware of heat issues since there's tons of information about it.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to a reply.

Kind greetings,


Level 7
New thing to add: When charged full the laptop wont turn on in the morning. Attached the power cord and after 4 try's it boots to windows.

Battery shows completely empty, I have run the problem solver and did "solve" some issues, but the next day, same thing, fully charged and again it doesn't turn on.