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GL703VM Strix Scar Ediiton problems with temp

Level 7
Hi all,
I used my GL703VM a few months. I change Thermal Paste on CPU & GPU. A few weeks ago i changed also Thermal Pads and use Cooling Pad Coolermaster Notepal U3 Plus. I clean my ROG from dust once a month, but i still get problems with high temps.
When i use my notebook normally (firefox or Excell) i have 43-55°C. When i playing games (Cities: Skylines, House Flipper, GTAV, Euro Truck Simulator 2, FIFA 18) i have temps 88-95°C sometimes up to 100°C in FIFA or ETS2. Also i got low FPS as for this specs. In C:S i got 25-45FPS, in House Flipper its 40-60FPS, GTAV 40, ETS2 its 20-60FPS, FIFA 18 give me only 40FPS. I think it should be above 50FPS up to 120FPS (i got 120HZ screen) with this specification (I7-7700HQ 2,8GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 1060 6GB).

Can anybody tell me what i have to do with my ROG to get more FPS, put temps down and make it quieter?