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GL703VM in SSD area makes noise when idle ?

Level 7
My laptop is GL703VM. So, today i just got an ssd (m.2 pci nvme) Samsung 970 evo, if it matters. I installed the os on it and kept on adding programs to it. Everything feels really smooth, but at some point, when the fans weren't active, i started hearing a sound coming from the part of the laptop which has the ssd. No, the hdd is not spinning and i've never heard this sound until today.

These are the actions that make the sound go away:
- Putting the laptop on medium performace (instead of high performance)
- Removing the charging jack (it becomes really really silent, but still audible)
- Using programs like CrystalDisk or anything else that puts the ssd to work
- Sometimes even chrome silences it a little bit

Also, i hear noise comming from the laptop when i scroll any page on the browser. I can't really map it to a specific part of the laptop, but it sound a bit different than the noise made by the ssd. This one sounds more like some kind of coil whine from the graphics card. Yes, it does have coil whine, but i've never heard it while scrolling webpages, so this type of sound is also new.

Any idea?
Thanks in advance, for your time. This is how it sounds. (Take care at those powerful random sounds, the phone happened to touch the laptop at those moments)

More updates. The scratchy/wine is coming from something underneath the backspace key area. It's not the SSD, that's on the other side of the laptop, more underneath the 'Q' key.

Seems Power Mode: "Power Saver" is the best option here. Benchmarking indicates it is only a 15-20% drop in CPU performance. When I tried the 99% CPU trick, benchmarking for me was close to a 50% drop in performance.

The other benefit of Power Saver is the fans aren't running so loud and hot all the time.

More updates. Definitely coil whine. It's gone through two RMAs, both times it's come back not fixed.

I wish I never bought this laptop.