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GL703VM feedback & questions (heat management)

Level 7
Hi all

I bought the GL703VM-EE059T and have few questions and concerns about heat. I would like to have feedback from other GL owners also.
I guess design is like the GL702 ? so I looked upon the topics but didn't really find understandable answers (my english is limited and laptop comptuer are new for me) Maybe the community can help

How does the airflow work?
It grab from bottom and throw in the back. For current games CPU runs at 94°C witch is not great for long usage i guess?
I understand laptop go high but I don't want to do anything wrong 😕

I will consider downvolting and openning/removing parts but first I want to try pads or vaccums this is why I want to know more about air intakes. My desk is full wood. Is that any wrong?

I will also take any advice about software (for now I don't have fresh install of win10 and I deactivate gaming center at startup)
I'm using HWMonitor because gaming center increase temp by 3°C when openned

Also, I understand Fan can go turbo and gaming center says it's in auto mode so I don't need to press anything (Fn+F5?) to take good care of this laptop?

Sorry for the long post I found the manual quite thin for this kind of product...
...and again I found lot about 702 here but not about 703

Thank you for your time and happy gaming !

Level 7
After reading your entire post. I’m changing my response.

Airflow for this laptop works like this:

All 3 fans suck air in the from bottom vents on the laptop. The vents on the left/right and middle are intake vents. They have grills on this to filter some dust. The CPU/GPU fans spit exhaust out the back. The 3rd fan blows air over the GPU and VRMs exhaust out the back and the bottom vent closer to the rear.

Nothing wrong with your desk. Some people using laptop cooling pads to help air flow into the intake vents. This helps a bit but not significantly.*

Turbo mode for the fans is pretty much just all 3 fans at 100% Duty cycle. You can manually set all fans to 100% all he time using Notebook Fan Control program. The main thread for this laptop’s heating problems has the custom profile you’d need.

IMO the best way to ensure your laptop lasts a long time is to perform the undervolts for the CPU/GPU. A good amount of the time, Your thermal paste is ok unless you still run really hot after the above steps.*

The biggest flaw with the cooling for this laptop is that the fans are starved for air. There is maybe a 2mm gap between the fan and the bottom of the lid so there is a bottleneck of air intake at this location. The biggest impact you can make to improve cooling is to make intake vents directly under the fans so they have plenty of air to suck and push through the heat sinks. This voids the warranty however. Buying a 2nd bottom lid and making modifications to that will maintain the warranty of your laptops original parts** Good luck*

Thanks for your reply

With your indication and a cooling pad (Notepal coolmaster U3) I was able to drop 7°C

I will try undervolting soon

thanks again!