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GL703VD Sonic Studio vs touchpad lag

Level 7
Hi all, I've seen a few issues with lag and sonic studio over here but issues were more affecting other apps/software.

While I have not found any issues with apps, my problem affects the touchpad where it frequently has lagging issues.
My laptop is a GL703VD and I have been dealing with laggy touchpad ever since I bought it. Even had to RMA it within the first week cause I had messed too much with the drivers and rendered the touchpad broke beyond use. After RMA, all was good until something in the initial setup made the lag return.

I finally managed to discover that if sonic studio 3 is running in the background as normal, and that my laptop is doing an extensive cpu task, the touch pad would lag really bad.

For example, just running a random registry search for "XYZ12345" which doesn't exist, makes the laptop use lots of cpu to find that string. after about 4-5 seconds the lag starts and become unusable.

I have found that simply closing sonic studio prevents this issue. I did try resetting all audio settings and turning off any parameters without any difference in lag. While I could simply avoid sonic studio 3 altogether, I'd like to know if i'm the only one having this issue and what could possibly be done to still use sonic studio 3 normally. Or is it just sonic studio 3 that's bad and nothing can be done with it?

thanks for any assistance

Level 8
I seem to have jitters 30% of the time and I'm still trying to figure out why? I've run cinebench benchmark with no lag. Sonic studio tip is interesting. Will try to repro it.