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GL703VD Cloned Windows 7 - Keyboard and Mouse doesn't work

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I have 3 days trying to solve this problem. I want to clone my actual windows 7 with all the programs to the new laptop.

I bought the ASUS GL703VD-GC028T, disconnected the new HDD and SDD and connected the old HDD with windows 7 64bit system to the new laptop. It loaded the system, but when I arrive to the log in page, the keyboard and mouse doesn't works. Also when I load on recovery mode and safe modes doesn't work.
I then cloned my old windows 7 to the news SSD, doesn't work either.

I then loaded the installation ISO of Windows 7 to an USB drive, and when load the installation, with all hard disks removed, the keyboard and mouse doesn't works.
I tried to connect with an external keyboard, and the light of the keyboard is on while is uploading the system, but then it switch off when the loading finish.

I tried with an other ISO version, and works only the keyboard. I don't want to install windows from zero, so this thing don't know if it's really useful.

When I try with the installation of Windows 10 on the USB drive (with all hard disks removed), the keyboard and mouse works!

I have been to 2 repair shops, but neither them know how to solve the problem and want only to install windows 7 from zero.

If it's a problem of drivers, how can I install the drivers if when the windows7 is loaded, I cannot use keyboard, mouse or USB ports?
There is an other way?

I really don't understand what's the problem and how to solve it.

Don't tell me that it's not possible to install Windows 7 on this model because it's not supported, because not supported doesn't mean cannot install it and other people what installed Win7, so it's not this the reason.

Do you have any idea? Thanks

My BIOS configuration:
- Launch PXE OpROM policy: Enabled
- Launch CSM: Enabled
- Legacy USB Support: Enabled
- Secure Boot Control: Disabled.
- SATA mode Selection: AHCI

My specs:
Intel Core i7-7700HQ
Chipset: Intel HM175 (Skylake PCH-H)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050

travalix wrote:
how can I install the drivers if when the windows7 is loaded, I cannot use keyboard, mouse or USB ports?
There is an other way?

What you are looking for is "slipstreaming" drivers into a Windows ISO or installation media. However that's with a new install. You'll have to Google to see if there's a way to do it with a backup&restore.
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I saw on internet that have to do the SYSPREP before cloning the disk, so that it's like the first time when the windows7 load on the new machine and so will automatically install the needed drivers for the new machine.

To do so, I connected the new cloned HDD to the old laptop, made the SYSPREP and shutdown. I then connected to the new laptop and the system started first the CHKDSK, then "Setup is updating registry settings","Setup is starting services","Setup is installing devices", and then showed me the window to select language and keyboard layout.

At this point, the keyboard and mouse doesn't work, neither USB ports. The same as before.

I tried also the System File Checker and changing the partition letters from REGEDIT that suggents on this post ( without success.

Anyone have some idea?