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GL703GS Silent mode fan speed - HELP NEEDED

Level 7
Hi everyone!
In silent mode(through Gaming Center) while just watching videos I have following
fan cycle - 2 min full stops all fans than 30 sec system fan working.
At night time it could turns you crazy - every 2-3 minutes sudden noise.

Temperatures looks like this
As you see system is heavely undervolted and temps are fine.

1. NBFC is not working at the moment. ec-probe return nothing.
2. It is looks like we have something in DSDT table(ACPI) regarding fan profiles and temps reading but
my knowledge here is quite limited.
there are 2 parameters Silent_SystemFanOffset and Silent_SystemFanOffsetValue which is sounds promising.
I tried to play with them with no visible results(.

I kindly ask ASUS support and ROG community to answer following questions -

Could you give clarification how registry keys mentioned above work?

Do you know how to change temps thresholds for silent mode on GL703GS?

Target is to have all fans off while temps are below 55-56 C.

Thank you very much in advance!!!

Level 7
Поддержу! Я тоже считаю, что тихий режим работает нервно и настроен не грамотно! Зачем им работать до температуры 55-60 градусов? Боитесь инертности и резкого перегрева? Быть может тогда надо не отключать вентиляторы совсем, а просто выбрать режим ещё более низких оборотов, но постоянно? Предлагаю снизить минимальные обороты! Тогда в обычных режимах, вроде браузинга, температуры не будут сильно превышать значения в 55-60 градусов, а вентиляторы не будут нервировать постоянным включением и отключением!
Дайте нам возможность самим управлять вентиляторами! Каждый сам себе настроит как его устраивает!

I will support! I also think that the quiet mode works nervously and is not configured correctly! Why should they work up to a temperature of 55-60 degrees? Are you afraid of inertia and sudden overheating? Perhaps then it is necessary not to turn off the fans at all, but simply to choose the mode of even lower rpm, but constantly? I propose to reduce the minimum speed! Then in normal modes, such as browsing, the temperatures will not greatly exceed the values ​​of 55-60 degrees, and the fans will not irritate the constant switching on and off!
Give us the opportunity to control the fans! Everyone will set up his own way!

I understand that the forum at Asus barely alive. Are there any enthusiasts and specialists here?

Я так понимаю, что форум у Асус еле живой. Тут вообще есть интузиасты и специалисты?

АСУС ААУУУУУ, есть кто живой?
Можете дать ответ?

ASUS AAUUUUU, is there anyone alive?
Can you answer?

Often the nature of things here, I too would like more control of the fan curve in Silent mode. It seems to me that without the fans running temperature will eventually build up to the point where the fans have to kick in, although I'd like to see the threshold set a little higher.

Maybe all that's needed is a softer start up, as to opposed to the fans abruptly spooling up. Admittedly for the most part unless in very quiet environments it's not an issue.


Fans are turned on from time to time, even when the windows are locked in the standard mode of the fans (no applications are running)

Вентиляторы включаются время от времени даже при заблокированном виндовс в стандартном режиме работы вентиляторов (при этом никакие приложения не запущены)