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Gl703gs scar edition Gaming Center Fan control is not working

Level 9
I recently bought gl703gs scar edition and i installed fresh windows with all drivers from the disk with only difference that i got ROG Gaming Center 2.5.7 instead of 2.5.6. Everything is working but the FAN control in Gaming Center does not do anything. First off i can't change the modes with the mouse, the only way to change between silent, balanced and overboost is with FN+F5 but even so that does not effect the fan. Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong and how can i control the fans?

My BIOS is updated to latest ver.304 and everything else is working perfectly except the FAN Control in Gaming Center.

Level 8
hi, i did face this exact same problem GL503GE laptop, i think i just download asus keyboard hotkey (CMIIW) from ms store, and it give overlay notification for fn keys and can change fan speed at gaming center. maybe you can try it. good luck

Level 9
that actually worked and not only that, now i can see the icons when i use different FN commands! That so awesome!

glad that works, cheers 😄

Worked on my GL703GM! Thanks!

still works, thank you

Level 7

Thank you @joshuaabdi 

This was it for me. 😀 I can't change the FAN Speed in ROG Software, but with the help of the keyboard hotkey after downloaded the CMIIW, it worked for me. I have by the way the Scar 2 GL504GS.