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GL703GS CPU overheating

Level 7
So i've recently bought this laptop about a week ago, i quite like it and want to keep it but when i play some demanding games like siege, nier, the division, witcher etc my cpu nearly hits about 90C in 20 mins, atm i have it undervolted by -0.160mv and have bought a cooling pad for it but any other solutions?

Level 7
Is it 90C after the UV and cooling pad?

Level 7
I don't think 90C is overheating since laptop cpu's can take much more but the problem is rather throttling. My own GL702VS has this temps:

- Prime95 maximum heat mode cpu=80C (before repaste and thermal pads 97-98C)
- Furmark gpu stress gpu=80C (before repaste and thermal pads 80C)
- Prime95 + Furmark cpu and gpu = 96C and 80-82C (before repaste and thermal pads 98C/82C)

In games i reach 73-80C on both but i haven't tried Witcher and maybe it gets hotter then. But all in all not much different temps from before i reapplied thermal paste and put thermal pads on regulators and memory but much higher performance.

Before repaste and thermal pads i got like:

Firestrike total/gpu/cpu: 13304/16880/10515
Timespy total/gpu/cpu: 5205/5511/3962
Superposition: 12197

After reapplying thermal paste and adding thermal pads:

Firestrike total/gpu/cpu: 13967/18229/10497
Timespy total/gpu/cpu: 5417/5821/3889
Superposition: 12705

My GL702VS was very silent before repaste and thermal pads but in games the fans were louder now it's much more silent in games. But i guess the repaste and and adding thermal pads has broken the warranty 😞